1. Academic Integrity Code 
  2. Academic services
  3. Academic writting curriculum review
  4. Academic writting Toolkit
  5. European Experience - Dublin City University
  6. European Experience - University of Vienna, Austria
  7. European Experience - the University of Roehampton
  8. European Experience - Uppsala University, Sweden



  1. Moodle video tutorials for lecturers 
  2. Creating Groups in Moodle (Video Instruction for Lecturers)
  3. Moodle video instruction for students 
  4. Instructions for using Moodle
  5. User registration and profile  creation 
  6. Create a Moodle assignment for lecturers
  7. Create assignments, using Turnitin, for lecturers 
  8. Moodle Assessment Assessment for Lecturers 
  9. Upload assignment using the program "Turnitin" (for students)
  10. Moodle assignments for students
  11. Moodle Primary Instruction for Students
  12. Moodle Assessment  Assessment for Lecturers