CSM Youth for Media Literacy

3 October 2018

Caucasus School of Media launches a six-month project for media literacy in which the youth from any region of Georgia between the ages of 15-18 can participate. The project participants will be hosted by the Dean of Caucasus School of Media, Ms. Nino Zhizhilashvili.


The project contents


During the three days coaches will introduce the youth to the challenges each citizen faces in the modern world of communication. This is an interactive cycle of meetings, the participants of which will learn: how to work in the social networks; how to distinguish between genuine information and propaganda; how to identify and avoid false information from the internet. In addition, the project participants will acquire basic skills for creating journalist texts, working with a camera and working with photo/video materials. At the end of each cycle the media product will be published in social media.


The project format


In November-March the Media literacy project will have an intake of 5 groups with 15 members in each. Each group will stay at Caucasus University for 3 days. The participants will be selected considering the following documents:


  • Application form
  • Maximum 250 words describing motivation for participating in the project.
  • A letter of reference issued by the School.


Fill in the application form by activating the link. Send the essay and letter of reference to the email: csm@cu.edu.ge.


Project funding


Accommodation, travel and daily living expenses will be covered by Caucasus University. The project is supported by the US Embassy in Georgia.


If you have questions, please, feel free to contact us: csm@cu.edu.ge 597 65 86 60