Visa & Residence Permit




Georgian visa requirements are individual and depend on different circumstances.  First of all, applicant has to double check whether visa is required for him/her to travel to Georgia or not. Please, Click Here to open the official web page of Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to check visa steps and requirements.

If applicant needs visa to travel to Georgia for study purpose, Department of Foreign relations of Caucasus University is ready to provide support with additional information.


Residence Permit


Every person, who studies in Georgia, has to register for residence permit within the first 3 months after arrival. Student has to submit the following documents to Public Service Hall:
  • Application form (Student will fill it in Public Service hall )
  • Passport copy (Notarized and translated into Georgian language)
  • Admission letter from Caucasus University
  • Statement of financial support (Minimum 3 800 Georgian Lari on deposit)
  • 1 photo (Student will take it in House of Justice)



Fees for application of Residence Permit:


  • 210 GEL - Feedback in 1 month
  • 330 GEL - Feedback in 20 days
  • 410 GEL - Feedback in 10 days