IAUP Semi-Annual Conference in Argentina

8 November 2018

On November 7-11, National University of CUYO in Mendoza, Argentina is playing host to the 2nd semi-annual conference of International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) attended by the members of the IAUP governing board and executive committee as well as Rectors and professors of National University of CUYO and of other leading Argentinian universities.


Within the framework of the meeting, National University of CUYO is also playing host to the 25th annual research event at which the IAUP conference participants will be introduced to the research projects carried out at the University and the achievement accomplished by it in terms of internationalization. The Conference was opened by the Rector of National University of CUYO Dr. Daniel Ricardi Piza who spoke about prospects and challenges faced by the higher educational system in Argentina. The conference was addressed by the IAUP President Dr. Kakha Shengelia who in his report considered in details the activities carried out by the IAUP and the projects implemented by it during the year. He also spoke about the future plans and the events planned.


Dr. Shengelia announced certain details of the regional meeting planned to take place in Isfahan and presented a video clip created by Van University.


Within the framework of the Conference a meeting of IAUP Executive Committee was held at which the parties discussed the report of the organization’s performance, planned future events, considered opportunities of deepening cooperation among the IAUP member universities and put forward initiatives to facilitate development of the higher education in the global environment.