Master's Program in Comparative Contract Law was created in 2015.

The aim of the Program is to explore Georgian and foreign civil legal systems, to broaden one's scope of legal knowledge by comparing different legal systems and legal traditions and to prepare highly qualified professionals for local and global markets; professionals with extensive knowledge of a few legal systems (Georgian, German and Anglo-American) and skills to independently solve legal issues of various kinds arising in practice.

Comparative analysis of legal systems of various countries gives deeper understanding of the systems and of such aspects of laws which when looked from the perspective of one legal system only remains unnoticed.

The program was created in cooperation with the faculty of partner Universities.

The duration of study at the Program of Comparative Contract Law is two years. The program comprises 120 ECTS, 60 ECTS a year, 30 ECTS per semester, hence the admissible duration of the program is two years.

The program consist of five modules: mandatory theoretical module – 50 ECTS, optional theoretical module – 30 ECTS, module targeted at working out practical skills – 10 ECTS (out of 20 ECTS), mandatory module of scientific research – 30 ECTS.

After successful completion of the Program, program graduates are entitled to work at any position requiring having Master's degree and passing National Certificate examination is not a must. Master in Private Law is prepared to have a legal practice of high quality and carry out scientific work.