Caucasus School of Business (CSB) and Training Center of Caucasus University (CUTC) Offers the Training Program in 

“Human Resources Management”


Training Purpose: to gain the knowledge in theoretical aspects of HR Management, learn how to deal with HR strategy, policy, procedures, models and tools; attain practical skills while using HRM techniques. 


In case of successful completion of a training program, participants will get a joined Certificate of CSB and CUTC.  


Training Description:

Training in HR Management is designed to overview and discuss all HR aspects, models and approaches which are truly important to create strong organization. Based on recent principles,  organization management process is strongly connected with a usage of resources within the organization rationally and is based on building up effective procedures and policies, managing talent in company, creating strong and valuable organizational culture, increasing team spirit for getting better results. 


During the program participants will learn how to create HR documents, how to use HRM models, what are the main trends and systems for building up strong HRM strategy.