Admission Process


In order to become Full Degree student at Caucasus University, students should submit required documents (see the list of required documents in the field of: How to apply?) to the Strategic Development and International relations office at Caucasus University via post.

After receiving all documents CU evaluates the student’s academic performance and makes decision on pre-acceptance.  In the event of positive decision, the applicant receives written consent to the possibility of his/her enrolment to a vacant place amongst the total number of allocated for CU.


Based on CU’s decision, applicant personally or Company as an attorney, should submit all the documents to the National Center for Education and Quality Enhancement of Georgia (EQE) under the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MOES). EQE and MOES reviews submitted application no later than one month and decides in the form of an individual administrative – legal act, on the admission of undergraduate/graduate/Phd students to an institution without passing the national examination. The individual administrative legal act of the Ministry is sent to Caucasus University.


Based on received administrative legal act from the MOES, Caucasus University issues an individual administrative legal act on the admission of applicant to the Caucasus University.

Please note, that students need visa to get the permission to live in Georgia. Also, student is required to have Insurance Policy, given by their country’s insurance companies. The insurance should compensate all medical services and should be valid (should work) in Georgia