Success Story

Gerardo Israel Padilla Villarreal-  CETYS University, Mexico

In a diversity of schools and countries where I could choose for my exchange program, I selected Georgia and Caucasus University as my main option, because it is an amazing opportunity to discover a new country and discover oneself. The country is a hidden gem of culture, gastronomy, nature and architecture, that a few people find out but the ones that have the chance to experience it, never regret their decision. Furthermore, it is a safe nation with a nice weather and a diversity of landscapes that goes from caves and old towns to mountains and rivers. Additionally, the people are welcoming and warm, and support you in your process of adaptation and learning. It is very easy to reach out to international organizations and businesspeople based in Georgia, so your academic learning could be also nurtured by additional experiences in the professional environment. 


Caucasus University has a very beautiful campus that fits into the Georgian traditional monasteries and modern auditoriums and common spaces. The university has an academic system, that allows you to easily learn contents and interact with your professors and classmates. The academics are very professional and have extensive backgrounds and expertise -from former representatives in Georgian diplomacy, to executives in charge of mergers and acquisitions in Georgian business-. The classes are interesting, the contents are relevant and updated and the educational outputs are integral: you will gain competence in academic and professional writing, oral presentations and critical thinking. Besides that, the administrative team is very friendly and open to help you in anything you need.


I am very proud to say, that CU was my first option when I had to choose a school, and now that I am here and living this important experience in my life, I can certainly recommend this university to any other student who wants to push itself out of its comfort zone and return to their countries with academic, professional and personal growth. Learning from both the university and the Georgian people has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life, and I have no doubt it would change anyone's mindset to better.

Lili Ruttkay – Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary


My name is Lili Ruttkay and I’m from Budapest Hungary. I chose Tbilisi because I wanted a huge difference and a big adventure in my life. I think it came true.


Living in Tbilisi is a great experience, because this city is very different comparing to others where I’ve ever been. It is a mixture of modern, old and also Asian, European. This is a unique city where the life always flows and bustles. The night life is quite famous and extraordinary in Tbilisi and the Georgian foods are also amazing. In this artistic, alternative and buzzy city there is always something to do.


The Georgian people are very nice and generous, if you don’t speak in Georgian or Russian you don’t have to be afraid, because they always try to understand and help the foreign guests. I had many kinds of experiences with them, in the city, in the countryside and in the public transportation as well. I always take a bus, because of the following reasons: public transportation is very cheap plus in this way, I can experience the Georgian lifestyle and I really like it. In the bus, people are kind with one another, they talk and help to each other. If somebody carries something heavy, the old ladies who are sitting, they just put the heavy baggage in their legs, it’s so nice.


If it comes to the prices, Tbilisi is way cheaper than Hungary. Not to mention Western Europe. Being a student here is so much fun.


The Caucasus University has only one campus which located 20 minutes from the center of Tbilisi. The campus is small but very familiar and so modern. I like to spend my time at the campus it’s friendly and I really love the coffee shop there. I study at Master program in the School of Business and in the School of Governance, where I study international relation subjects. My favorite teacher is from the US, he teaches US foreign policy, I think if one has the possibility they should register for that class. There are tight schedules for the University and during the semester, there are lot of exams, quizzes and presentations, so lot of work to do. I think the best thing in Exchange program is to get to know closer another country and culture, so I love traveling around the Georgia, because the countryside is unbelievable. That’s why I would advise to everyone, come Georgia in the spring semester and take some time, like a month to explore the country after the semester.