The course is tailored to the requirements of the modern Georgian and European market and focuses on the acquisition/deepening of complex knowledge and the development of practical skills.


Upon completion of the course students will have the following knowledge:


  • How to develop a public relations strategy, action plan and define tactical steps;
  • Campaign planning, management, results evaluation and monitoring;
  • Defining the source, audience and message in the communication process and transmitting the communication through adequate channels;
  • Event planning, management (event management);
  • Managing media relations, creating content for the media;
  • Stakeholder relationship management;
  • Monitoring reputation dimensions and reputation management;
  • Crisis prevention and management;
  • Image formation;
  • Creating speech writing techniques and public speaking techniques;
  • Creating a marketing plan; marketing research planning, branding, marketing communication management, etc.


Atendees will acquire special knowledge in identifying "fake news" and limiting its coverage. Also, after completing the course, the trainees will have basic knowledge in political strategies and PR, be it the format of cooperation with a political figure (team) or participation in election campaigns, or assessing audience attitudes and using mechanisms to change these attitudes when planning and conducting a campaign.


Upon completion of the course, a joint certificate from the Caucasus Communications Center and Caucasus University will be issued.