Success Story

Ancha Gaye

Caucasus university

I am Ancha Gaye, MBA student at the Caucasus University Tbilisi, Georgia. I am from Gambia. I am personate about understanding and learning the best strategic tools and techniques in the area of Business and Administration. My study program is characterized by a general-purpose and international flavor and covers such fields as Business Modeling, Information Technology & Decision Strategy, and Global Portfolio Management.  With a special stress on the analysis of real-world problems.

The program allows me to learn both theoretical and applied Business through coursework, participation in seminars, and supervised research within a supportive environment. Activities are organized in order to stimulate the active and ongoing participation of the students, also through a direct and personalized relationship with the teaching body.

Interesting enough for me, I am able to learn as much application programs as possible. The design of the course forces me and everyone else to at least master an Effective Business Communications and Correspondence. Nothing can be better than this, as it makes students all over the world feel different. Also distinctive in my university study process is the requirement to submit a well-written project every course I attend, this requirement gives me the best possible training before I get to the level of writing a dissertation. 

Hadis Safari 

Caucasus university

I am a planner by blood, I've always planned my life weeks, months or sometimes years before I actually get to do them. But life showed me that LIFE itself happens when you haven't planned for it. Coming to Caucasus University is one of them Last February I was a 4th semester Business school student in Tehran University and I was studying German so I could go to Germany after graduation for Masters. On a normal Thursday night as I was checking my Emails I received a scholarship offer to study in Tbilisi at Caucasus University. Shortly I decided to accept the offer and it changed my life, and in a week I was ready to start my journey anew while I never had such plans before! It is almost 4 months and I'm a CU Student. Lots has changed within me for good but mostly I learned that, "LIFE HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE BUSY MAKING OTHER PLANS".