Elene Enukidze, Student of the School of Business, at the Metropolitan University

4 December 2019

The plan of Caucasus School of Business student Elene Enukidze, which she presented to university officials while visiting Budapest Metropolitan University in Budapest, received funding. Elene Enukidze held an event for foreign students.


During the event, the guests had the opportunity to taste Georgian cuisine and wine, get acquainted with Georgian art, folklore, landmarks.


At the end of the event, a contest – ‘Learning Georgian Together’ was held. The foreign students participating in the competition answered questions about Georgia, and the winners were given various gifts, including Georgian wine, a T-shirt with the Georgian flag and a voucher of 5,000 Forints (50 GEL) vouchers at one of the most prestigious Georgian restaurants in Budapest.


Elene Enukidze is at the Metropolitan University in the framework of Erasmus + program.