During the course, students will have the opportunity to learn and explore all the necessary information that will help them in the future, both in mastering the sommelier profession, as well as in successfully starting and managing a wine business.


Course Description:

  • Basics of viticulture and vineyard economics
  • Fundamentals of Oenology and Wine Economics
  • Wine business
  • World Winemaking
  • Georgian winemaking
  • The art of sommelier
  • Wine and wine gastronomy tourism


Practical works with different winemakers will be organized during the lectures; the listeners of the program will taste Georgian and foreign wines.


After completing the course, students will know:

  • History of Georgian and world winemaking
  • Basics of viticulture
  • Fundamentals of Oenology
  • Georgian winemaking
  • World Winemaking
  • Combining wine and dish
  • Wine marketing
  • The Art of the Sommelier
  • The art of wine tasting
  • Wine and wine gastronomy tourism