The program fully corresponds to the goals and visions set forth in the Mission Statement of the Caucasus School of Business. CSB provides research-oriented learning and teaching and brings up highly-qualified, morally sound professionals, competitive on the labor market and devoted to the ideals of Democracy, who will be able to meet public educational demands. The program is drawn up considering the market needs of the public and private sectors as well as of Georgian labor market. The program also considers experience of leading foreign business schools and professional standards adopted in business administration. 


The aim of the Bachelor’s Program in International Business Administration are as follows: 


  • Introduce students to theoretical and scientific aspects of Business Administration and give them a wide knowledge in the specialty of their choice 
  • Enable them to develop skills necessary for any manager and prepare them to effectively fulfill appropriate functions (Finances, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) 
  • Facilitate CSB graduates employmen
  • Enable students to develop views and values of global citizens, of Democracy and of humanism
  • Enable them to develop citizen’s values 


Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration comprises 240 ECTS, which is broken into four stages with each comprising 60 ECTS. Each stage consists of two semesters: Fall and Spring. Standard duration of learning on each stage is one academic year (standard stage). In other cases the length of the stage is determined by an individual student’s academic performance and his/her right to decide on an individual academic schedule at his/her own discretion.  Thus, the standard duration on the Bachelor’s level is 4 years (standard period of learning), acceptable duration is 6 years. The acceptable duration does not include the period when the student had his/her status suspended. Each academic year consists of two semesters, with each semester comprising 19 academic weeks (21 academic weeks when and if a student has to take additional examination in the case of having FX grade), therefore each academic year is planned for 38 weeks (42 weeks). An additional summer semester can also be organized where students can earn maximum 15 ECTS.