Program Overview

Length of the Program:


Two years, full-time


Admission criteria:


  • The Unified Master’s Exam (B type of Test)
  • Diploma certifying having Bachelor’s Degree
  • Cover Letter
  • Two references


Language of instruction:




Degree to be awarded:


Master of Agribusiness Management


Program Description:


The Master of Agribusiness Management Program will allow students:


  • To acquire advanced knowledge and practical experience and comprehend positive approaches in Agribusiness, which will allow them to meet challenges and seize opportunities existing in the sector
  • Develop administrative skills for running agribusiness enterprises on national and regional levels


Due to the lack of qualified professionals equipped with modern skills on the labor market today, special emphasis will be put on attracting and involving local and foreign academic personnel in the program. The program will encourage development of creative and scientific-research potential in its graduates and implementation of the newest methods.


The Program graduates will have competencies in the following spheres: analysis and formation of public policy of agriculture, challenges faced by the agricultural sector and the ways of diminishing them, increase in agricultural produce export from Georgia, establishing agricultural enterprises in different sectors and their efficient management.


The program focuses on the peculiarities of the field of agriculture, development and management of organizational value chain of the field and full revision of business cycle of primary branches of Georgian agricultural business, such as: production and management of dairy products, meat and meat produce production and management, nuts and fruit orchard management; special emphasis is put on comprehending each functional ring of the value chain and its application in practice with the view of ensuring issues of social responsibility are observed.