Program Structure

The Master of Agribusiness Management Program comprises 120 ECTS credit.


The Master of Agribusiness Management Program comprises mandatory and elective courses (90 ECTS) and research components (30 ECTS). During the I-V semesters students take mandatory and elective courses; In the V semester students are allowed to opt for any two courses out of the five elective courses and have professional practice. In the VI semester students complete and defend Master’s thesis.


The Program Contents: The program includes all the principle issues of development of agricultural enterprise, agribusiness management, agribusiness economics and research methods. Thus, the courses are divided as follows:

a) principle courses, which make the program unique and equip students with specific knowledge and competencies. The courses shall be taken by all the students registered in the Program

b) elective courses, which students are allowed to take at their discretion from the list of the offered elective courses. The courses allow students to deepen their knowledge in a particular branch


The Program Structure


Mandatory courses in the educational component

Statistical Analysis in Agribusiness

Public Organization of Agricultural Enterprise

Managerial Accounting

Analysis of Agricultural Politics

Research Methods

Development of Agricultural Value Chain

Financial Management

Marketing Management

Academic Writing

Export Procedures

Diary and Diary Produce Production and Management

Meat and Meat Produce Production and Management

Nut Cultures


Field Practice

Elective Courses of the Educational Component

(Students shall opt for any of the below-listed courses only in the fifth semester)


Corporate Management

Development of Agrarian Entrepreneurship

Project Management


Research Component

Completion and Defense of Master’s Thesis