Caucasus Doctoral School

Caucasus University has been offering Doctoral Programs for the last ten years and has already created a research environment that is characterized by rigor, originality, critical thinking, and most importantly, the ability to create new knowledge. In order to further support doctoral education we decided to establish a Doctoral School that will ensure excellence in doctoral education through creating a space for ongoing academic debate among researchers, scholars, doctoral students, and local and international partners; and through fostering professional development of both faculty and doctoral students.


In 2018, Caucasus University established Caucasus Doctoral School (CDS). The main purpose of CDS is to foster a supportive and effective research environment, to develop open-minded and innovative graduates with strong academic values, and to advance knowledge through original research.


Currently, the Doctoral School offers following programs: the PhD in Management and the PhD in Economics.


The PhD in Management aims to prepare a researcher, who will be equipped with  deep theoretical knowledge and methodological skills necessary to conduct a research in the direction of Business Administration and in the field of Management, more specifically in the areas of Organizational Behavior and Organizational Theory or Leadership.


The PhD in Economics aims to prepare a researcher, who will possess deep theoretical and analytical skills to plan and carry out independent research in the field of Economics, with the special emphasis on Macroeconomics, while ensuring that he/she possesses broad knowledge of Microeconomics as well.


The goal of the PhD programs is to raise a researcher, who will be able to plan and conduct research independently in order to create new knowledge and make a contribution to the field. CDS students and graduates will adhere to principles of academic integrity and will be able to advance themselves in various fields of academic society locally and internationally. Ultimately, our graduates will be prepared for high-impact careers as academics, researchers, policymakers and leaders.