What we offer?


The Caucasus School of Technology offers Undergraduate Program in Architecture, that have been developed to prepare a Bachelor in Architecture meeting modern requirements. Students learn basics of architecture, basic principles and methods of design as well as modern technologies of design and construction.


The program is designed to include basic courses in Arts, Drawing, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Programs which lays a solid foundation for acquiring courses in interior design, architectural planning, landscape architecture, computer graphics and others. In addition, the program includes general courses and managerial courses which broaden the students’ horizon.


Foreign Language


The program is focused on learning the English language; the students take intensive course in the English language.

Project in Specialty


The last and the most important part of the program is a project in specialty which means students shall create and present a real architectural project. On each stage of working on the project students shall be consulted by highly-qualified instructors.


Professional Career:

Internship and employment


The program design allows students to get employed during their junior or senior years. Students will be offered to be part of the coordinated internship programs or find a job placement through the support of the Career Services Office of CU.


Professional Opportunities


Bachelors of Architecture have a wide choice of job opportunities, they can be employed at state and private architectural or engineering offices, construction companies, at state structures like:

  • Local government bodies (licensing, regulatory and controlling);
  • Architectural firms and design studios;
  • Architectural-construction and developer companies;
  • Services and foundations of protecting historical-cultural heritage;
  • Firms responsible for measuring works etc.