Tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to the UN World Tourism Organization (WTO) on average one out of nine people is employed in Tourism sector; in the last few years the industry has created more than 235 million jobs. The industry consists of a number of segments each of which offers unique career opportunities both in private and public sectors.

Caucasus Toursim School offers Master's programs in Tourism from 2015 academic year in Tbilisi and in Batumi; the programs are result-oriented with an optimum balance between theoretical courses and practical skills.

The aim of the Master's program offered by CTS is to equip students with theoretical, research based knowledge and practical skills so as to be competetive for taking leading positions on local as well as on global labor markets; the graduates will be employed in private as well as in public sectors. The program is drawn up according to international standards; the program will provide students with a high quality education and help develop appropriate skills in the following concentrations:


  • Policy and planning of sustainable tourism
  •  Management and operating of tourism business
  • Research and forecast of tourism industry
  • Utilization of modern IT and operating systems and technologies in tourism

The program offers the most modern literature in the field; courses are delivered by leading professionals and professors on the field. Partners of CTS are the world's leading Universities and private and public institutions.