About us

Start-up Accelerator  C10 was set up in 2016 in order to help students turn their start-up ideas into prototypes in short order.


The Accelerator provides students with the most appropriate help for them:


Team formation – more often than not a particular group of people has an idea but does not have needed people in its immediate environment. A perfect and cooperative team is a pre-requisite for success. Therefore one of our chief aims is to assist you in forming a team.


Start-up acceleration means validating the idea, creating prototypes and refining them, meeting deadlines and so on; all of which are vital for start-ups for developing prototypes in tight deadlines and delivering service to its first customers.


Preparing for pitching – submitting to investors advantages of the start-ups, the team and the product; submitting plans of defeating competition in short order and getting into the global accelerator.


Funding – giving help in fund raising, providing information on various sources of funding, assisting in preparing applications for grants and projects, organizing meetings with investors, etc.