Students' Self-Governance

Caucasus University Student Self-Government is a representative body of Caucasus University, consisting of independent structural units and governing bodies, members elected by secret ballot for a term of 2 years on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage. Caucasus University Student Self-Government exercises its authority in accordance with the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, the Statute and the Charter of Caucasus University, both inside and outside the university. Student self-government is independent and interference or influence in its activities is not allowed, except in cases provided by law. The self-governing body, on an equal footing with the university administration, coordinates any issues related to the learning process and students.


Student self-government is governed by a statute that defines the structure and rules of student unity.


The main goal of Caucasus University Student Self-Government is to plan, organize and conduct meetings, debates, discussions, trainings, intellectual games, educational-scientific, cultural, sports, entertainment and other events permitted by law according to the needs of students.


Caucasus University Student Self-Government cooperates with other universities, faculties, local and international organizations, as well as student associations of Georgian higher education institutions. Planning and implementation of charitable events and activities is a priority for Caucasus University Student Self-Government.


The main goal of the student self-government is to protect and represent the rights and legitimate interests of students, both on and off campus, to assist students in realizing their rights, to assist them in obtaining a highly qualified education, and to form an independent mindset.


Lasha Chitinashvili is the president of the Caucasus University Student Self-Government, Giorgi Jikia and Elene Ezugbaia are the vice-presidents.


School chairpersons:


  • CSB Beka Sarishvili, Vice President - Anastasia Gochashvili
  • CSL Saba Mujiri, Vice President - Lile Sibashvili
  • CSM Saba Maisuradze
  • CST Gela Kurtanidze
  • CSG Elene Asitashvili, Vice President Anuka Kakabadze
  • CSH Mariam Tsiskarishvili, Vice President - Nutsa Jorbenadze
  • CTS Nika Tsilosani, Vice President - Dea Nebieridze
  • CSE Kvirike Tsiklauri
  • Monitoring Department - Tornike Gagnashvili
  • Department of Education and Culture - Nutsa Rogava; Deputy - Mariam Shevardnadze
  • Sports Department - Irakli Kandareli
  • Department of Tourism - Nika Tsilosani


Anyone can join the student self-government, apply to the student self-government of your school to join.


Caucasus University Student Self-Government Charter.