Nine steps for Students when planning an event

Step 1: an idea


Start planning an event with the Student club; use brain-storming technique; be creative. Do all the members support the idea put forward? Are there any funds available or are there any means of obtaining them? Is there any novelty in the event or is it duplicating already conducted event or an activity?


Step 2: identify the target audience

 Who is the event aimed at? Is it for students, for the staff, or for both? How many people are likely to attend it?


Step 3: Carefully select the date

Are there any other important events planned on the same date? Is it likely to interfere with the academic process?


Step 4: Reserve the campus

Check the availability of the space/place/venue. Make sure the venue is free on the date. Reserve an auditorium, a meeting room or a place in the yard. Contact the campus managers for ascertaining the information. If you cannot decide where to hold the event, turn to the Students and Graduates’ Office for advice.


Step 5: Needed facilities

What equipment and facilities are needed for the event? It can be: tables, chairs, a stage, voice, lighting and other equipment. For recommendation and advice meet the Students and Graduates’ Office.


Step 6: Other needs.

Will speakers and performers be involved in the event? Consider whether you have to obtain a right of selling food, service, goods or alcoholic beverages? Consider these issues with the Students and Graduates’ Office.


Step 7:  Discuss the budget

What is the total cost of the event? Does the club intend to apply for funds to the University? What do you think how can you raise funds?


Step 8: Event promotion

Spread the information via CU web page or Facebook, make copies for placards/flayers for free,
and send e-mails to all the students.

Step 9:  Discuss the event program

Different events have different requirements. Create an agenda/schedule/program of the event.


The Students and Graduates’ Office is ready to stand by planning any event. Consult the office
on the initial stage of any event planning.