About the Clubs

Student bodies play an integral part in creating social, cultural and intellectual environment of any university. Bodies of the kind, whether cultural or sporting, allow students to get involved in the activities facilitating to personal growth, developing leadership skills and establishing students’ unions. Student clubs bring students together and enable them to set common goals.


The bodies based on social, entertaining or professional interests conduct multitude of social events, seminars, panels and conferences, concerts, sporting competitions, charities and others and give on the one hand opportunities of implementing their ideas to students and on the other help universities support and facilitate to promoting their students’ interests.


Registration of the Student Club


To be operational a student club shall be registered and recognized by the Students and Graduates’ Office of the Caucasus University.

The office approves the application and bylaws of the Student Club.

Before commencing the registration procedure, please get familiar with the advantages of the club registration and mandatory requirements.


Advantages of the registered Club


  • Right to apply for funding
  • Right to post information on the University web site in the column of students’ life with the club’s contact information (@edu.ge e-mail to each club member)
  • Present the club on behalf of the University
  • Right to hold events of various kinds and raise funds
  • Publicize the Club’s activities and facilitate to disseminating information
  • Use the campus
  • Opportunities to utilize the University facilities and equipment


Mandatory requirements for registered clubs:


  • Coordination with the Students’ and Graduates Office on planned events and the club’s program
  • Organization of at least two meetings and/or events per semester
  • Submitting information to the Students and Graduates’ Office on any renewal connected to the club and its membership every semester


Link for the registration of the Student Club.


For additional information contact the Students and Graduates’ Office at the e-mail studentlife@cu.edu.ge.