Computer Science and Cyber Security University for Children

Technologies advance very rapidly. This advancement takes place in terms of the constant empowerment of the computer hardware, as well as, almost daily growing software capabilities. The topical challenge for the scholars from the computer science fields is the timely analyses of the threats that derive from the advancement of the cyber technologies, prognosis of the new security risks and the development of the efficient security mechanisms. Latter is rather important, since delayed response to a cyber-threat might cause huge losses for the state and the private sectors.


In the frame of the project it is planned to found Computer Science and Cyber Security University for Children.


The aim of the university is to develop fields of cyber security on both, theoretical and the practical levels.


Project was funded in the frame of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia call for targeted grants for science popularization.


Principal Investigator: Maxim Iavich, CST