The subjects of investigation within the frames of the project are Georgian Cultural monuments located in the area of historical sites in Turkey – Sper, Bayburt and Lazeti. Sper, Bayburt and Lazeti have long been recognised as nationally important sites in Georgian history, however, despite this there has been no research undertaken in terms of monuments and material culture. To this date tangible data on these sites are not available. Now a days this three regions contains up to 300 historic villages, here the Georgian cultural monuments only up to 30 are known (Sper up to 10; Bayburt 0; Lazeti up to 20). Before research expeditions implemented by research team in 2014-2016 (Shota Rustaveli Natioanl science Foundation, see agreement: 57/04; Research of Kola-Artani and Tao-Klarjeti Monuments) there was known up to 400 Georgian cultural monuments. Above method of expeditions this number of monuments increased up to 1200. Accordingly, an in depth research of historical sites of Sper, Bayburt and Lazeti requires thorough study of each of the above-mentioned territory by organising an expedition.


Provided that these catalogues will provide remarkable insights, it will be an unprecedented event in the research history of Georgian Cultural monuments of Turkey.


Project Principal Investigator Professor Teimuraz Khutsishvili.