• PEOPLE & ORGANIZATIONS – modern approaches of management. Special challenges of management. New trends of strategic management. The current situation analysis. Managerial roles and self-analysis of its participants.  
  • EMOTIONS & PERSONALITY – style of human interructions and personality types. Significance of difference between emotions and attitudes. Emotional intelligence. Psychotypes and approaches to individual psychotypes. Impact of emotions and attitudes on the business/outcomes.
  • PERCEPTIONS & DECISIONS – perception traps. Factors influencing perception. Important challenges of strategic management and necessary questions to be asked when making decisions. Irrational decisions. Interraction of rational and irrational systems.
  • MOTIVATION CONCEPTS – principles of motivating employees. Motivational theories – which will fit our objectives best? Management by Objectives (MBO) and its application in practice. Traps of using KBO and KPI. Motivational challenges. New approaches.
  • LEADERSHIP & POLITICS - Leadership and management. Different styles and theories of leadership. Transactional and transformational leaders. Challenges of internal power and policy. The employee “defense” mechanisms. Email and its traps. The role of direct contact.  
  • STRUCTURE & CULTURE – principles of team creation. The questions to be answered before setting the team structure. Importance of organizational culture and rituals. Principles of delegating and time management.