The aim of the course is to teach the listener:


  • Modern English based on an example of a real, everyday relationship
  • Skills in communication and self-expression (both orally and in writing)
  • To work independently in English
  • Vocabulary and grammar units used in everyday life (at work, university, school, etc.)
  • To develop practical and theoretical skills;
  • Contribute to the acquisition of methods of applying knowledge in practice so that he / she can: express an opinion based on someone’s speech; Establishing spontaneous communication in everyday reality; Engage in ongoing conversations on familiar topics; Freely formulate one's own opinion, to construct an argument, to reason orally and in writing with simple sentences and vocabulary; To understand the summary of a foreigner's speech and to convey what he/she has said correctly; Draw conclusions from a foreign text written on a familiar topic; Make small presentations in English and give answers to questions spontaneously; Mastering the art of speaking in front of an audience.


Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee will receive a certificate from the Caucasus University Training Center (CUTC).