• Family relationships; Parents and children; Food and ecology; Nature; Sports; Music; Fun and free time; Extreme situations; High technology; Education; Health
  • Compound adjectives; Suffixes and prefixes that produce nouns and adjectives; Use of an adjective after adjectives; Phrasal verbs; Idioms related to body parts; Fixed pairs of nouns and verbs; Synonyms and differences between them; Idioms; Words from Latin and other European languages; Word definition; Matching the context of a foreign word; Lexical items that go beyond objective realities; Thematically rich texts, etc.



  • English language tense system; Static and dynamic verbs; Confrontation of complete tenses with indefinite tenses; Means of expressing future action in English; Modal verbs; Definitive dependent sentences; Infinitive and gerund forms of the verb; A means of expressing habitual actions; Adjective and its place in a sentence; Exclamation and commanding sentences; Connections; Three types of conditional sentences, and so on.