International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) will hold its 1st Semi-annual Conference on April 22-26, 2020 in Georgia, Tbilisi. The topic of the conference is “The Scope of Quality Assurance” and it will be hosted by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) and Caucasus University (CU).


The landscape of higher education is changing rapidly. On the one hand massification of higher education and on the other hand an increasing cost of higher education, have caused an increased demand from society to ensure quality of education. Furthermore, due to internationalization of higher education and increased students’ mobility it became necessary for higher education institutions to ensure the quality of its qualifications, programs and education through internal and external quality assurance mechanisms in order for its graduates to be able to continue their studies and/or to get employed abroad. Therefore, because QA issues play such an important role on HEIs, IAUP members from all over the world will dedicate a semi-annual conference to this topic and discuss current developments in quality assurance.  Panel sessions will touch upon different topics of quality assurance such as university autonomy and accountability, involvement of students in quality assurance processes, and quality assurance of the third mission of the university.