Course: World Order in Flux: European Perspectives



Dr. Eka Akobia

Associate Professor
Dr. Eka Akobia obtained her doctoral degree in International Relations from Tbilisi State University (program developed in partnership with the University of Oxford). Her main research interests are European Security architecture, world order and global security. She has garnered her MA degree in International Relations from Baylor University, USA and her BA degree in Political Science from Hartwick College, USA. Currently, she is the Dean of the Caucasus School of Governance and directs the Institute of Peace Studies (IPS) at Caucasus University. Variously she teaches theories of international relations (MA and doctoral level), international organizations, EU external relations and UN Peacekeeping Operations courses. She has published number of academic articles as well as contributed to three edited volumes of the European Union series published in Georgia as part of a Jean Monnet project. She worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia from 2005 till 2016 holding various positions in Political and territorial departments. From 2012 to 2016 she served as the Director of the Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Department, MFA. She has extensive knowledge and experience in Georgia’s foreign policy and has been involved in devising Georgia’s global outreach policies since 2008. She holds a diplomatic rank of a counselor and has received number of official awards for her civil service.


Professor Giorgi Bakradze
Invited Professor

Prof. Giorgi Bakradze has an MA degree in Economics from the Center for Economic Development of Williams College, USA (2003), and MA in Economics from Georgetown University (2014). He also holds an MSc in Physics from Tbilisi State University (1996) and has attended numerous seminars/workshops for central bank employees (Bank of England, Banque de France, Swiss National Bank, Joint Vienna Institute, IMF Institute, etc.). Giorgi Bakradze has a significant experience of working in the public sector, having worked as a researcher and head of macroeconomic research department in 2003-2007 and as the advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of Georgia since May 2010. Since 2012 he actively collaborates with civil society institutions, such as ISET, Policy Institute (2012-2014) and Economic Policy Research Center (since 2014). At the same time he has certain experience in working in the donor-funded programs, having started his professional career in the field at the World Bank project for the development of municipal services (1997-2000). Apart from research, since 2004 Giorgi Bakradze has been teaching courses at various HEI’s in Georgia and is an affiliated professor at Business and Technological University.


Dr. Sergi Kapanadze

Jean Monnet Professor

Dr. Sergi Kapanadze is a Jean Monnet Professor at Caucasus University, where he also served as the Dean of the School of Governance (2013-2016). He is also a professor of peace studies, international relations and European integration at Ilia State University. He has taught at various universities courses related to the peace studies, negotiations and conflict resolution - Tbilisi State University, Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, Central European University in Budapest and Civil and Political School in Kiev. Since 2016 Dr. Kapanadze is a member of the Parliament of Georgia (vice-speaker from the European Georgia party). Before joining politics he served as the Director of the think tank - Georgia's Reforms Associates (GRASS) based in Tbilisi. In 2015-2016 he was a member of the OSCE Panel of Eminent persons on European security (since 2015). Dr. Kapanadze has extensive experience of working in the field of mediation and conflict resolution. He has served as the Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia (2011-2012), during which he led Georgia's delegation to the Geneva International Discussions, headed Georgia's delegation to the WTO accession negotiations of the Russian Federation and served as a deputy chief negotiator of Georgia's delegation with the European Union on concluding the Association Agreement. He worked at the MFA of Georgia from 2005-2012. He holds PhD in International relations from the Tbilisi State University and MA in International Relations and European Studies from the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary). He has a certificate of excellence from the Singapore Center on Mediation from 2009. He was awarded a Presidential Order of Excellence in 2011 and holds the diplomatic rank of Envoy plenipotentiary. He has published extensively on topics related to EU integration, regional conflicts, mediation and status neutral approaches.

Course: Entrepreneurship and StartUP



Marita Genebashvili & Leko Shatirishvili 
Invited Professors


Marita has 7 years of experience in Marketing in large corporations and Leko has more than 10 Years of experience in Finance in International Corporations, but in last 3 Years they also two start-ups together and are working on 3rd project this year.

Marita has been teaching for Caucasus University since 2015, also is Consultant and Trainer of digital marketing in EBRD and GITA (Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency).

Leko is CFO for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Caucasus region.

Both have DUAL MBA from Grenoble School of Management and Caucasus University, majored with distinction in Global Management. 

Course: Wine and Gastro Tourism in Georgia 



Andro Barnovi  
Invited Lecturer

Andro Barnovi With extensive background in government and politics later turned to winemaking. Andro is an initiator of Natural Wine Associations throughout Georgia’s regions, and himself chairs the Federation of Artisan Wine. He runs the well-known chateau “Wine Artisans” as a winemaker and Manager, and produces some of the best wines in the country.







Course: EconomicDiagnostics: Acaseof Georgia



Lasha Kavtaradze

Associate Professor


Lasha Kavtaradze holds Head of Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting position at Galt & Taggart. Prior to joining Galt & Taggart, he served as Head of Macroeconomic Analysis and Tax Policy Unit at the Parliamentary Budget Office of Georgia in 2015-2016. Previously, he worked as a chief economist at Fiscal Forecasting Department in Ministry of Finance of Georgia in 2008-2014.

Lasha holds Ph.D in Public Economics and has an Associate Professor position at the Caucasus University. In addition, he is an invited professor at International Black Sea University, Ilia State University and University of Georgia.

Lasha has obtained his Ph.D. degree at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. He has attended IMF’s training courses in macroeconomics, applied economics, public finance, macro-fiscal modeling and forecasting, etc. in Austria and USA. He has been invited as a macro researcher at the Policy Research Institute of Ministry of Finance of Japan.

Course: Media Literacy- Fake News



Salome Ugulava

Invited Lecturer


Salome Ugulava, 28, Fulbright and John Smith Programs’ fellow, is the editor-in-chief at Tabula Media. She has worked on TV, print and online media platforms. Salome has three years experience of teaching at Georgian universities. In 2016, Salome graduated from Columbia University in the city of New York within the Fulbright Program. Salome specialized in investigative journalism. Before, she attended Tbilisi State University (bachelor’s degree in social and political sciences) and Ilia State University in Georgia, in which she gained master’s degree in Public Policy. Salome was awarded by Public Defender's office in Georgia for promoting diversity and tolerance through her work as a journalist. In 2013-2015, she worked as a stringer for AFP. Salome has taken part in numerous professional  programs in the USA and the EU.


Course: Legal Environment of Business


Ekaterike Kardava
Associate Professor


Dr.Ekaterine  has 14 years of academic experience at Universities - Giving lectures to students in EU Law, Labour Law, International Treaty Law, Introduction to Civil Law, EU-Georgia and European Integration. She is the author of  More than 15 publications (scientific articles, books, studies). She holds Head of the Association “European Time”. She has More than 4 years of professional experience in project management/coordination –support of the European Integration process (Financed by KAS, FES, American Solidarity Centre).  Dr. Ekaterine Trainer at the Academy of the Ministry of Finance – European Association Process and Legal Approximation; AA/DCFTA and European Integration.  She has 17 years of professional experience at the Parliament of Georgia - 9 years at the Committee on European Integration (Head of the Staff, Main Specialist, Leading Specialist); 8 years work on Conflict resolution documentation. Dr. Ekaterine  has 3 years of professional experience at the Administration of the Government - head position and high rank advisor in EU matters, AA/DCFTA da International Treaties. membership of the VLAP working group and Association Committee on Trade Issues (on the basis of governmental order);


Gocha Lordkipanidze
Invited Lecturer


Mr. Gocha  obtained his LLM degree in International Legal Studies from Harvard Law School, Cambridge, also LLM in International Human Rights from Essex University, School of Law, Colchester, he is  S.J.D. Candidate and Doctoral Fellow  at Fordham Law School, New York. He holds Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and Directs international public law department, treaty review department, representation in international courts, arbitration department, he is Adjunct Professor  at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, New York. Taught the postgraduate course “Human Rights in Post-Communist Eurasia” on legal developments, human rights, rule of law and democracy in Eurasia; led workshops on Trafficking in Persons and Violence in Georgia, Gender Mainstreaming and IDP’s Political Participation in Peacebuilding and Governance in Georgia. Mr. Gocha lordkipanidze was Foreign Affairs & International Law Adviser to Prime-Minister of Georgia (2005-2009), Adviser, then Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia(2004-2005), Senior Counsellor Permanent Mission of Georgia to the United Nations where he Served as legal counsel on international treaty issues, international organizations and human rights, administrative issues; represented Georgia in the Third (human rights) and Sixth (legal) committees and Preparatory Commission on establishment of the International Criminal Court; participated in the multilateral negotiations on the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, the Convention on the Rights of the People with Disabilities, International Convention against Reproductive Cloning of Human Being, and the Statute of International Criminal Court,  he was Vice-Chairman of the 19th meeting of the States Parties to the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, 2002, also Vice-Chairman of the UN Special Committee on Charter, 2001,Vice-Chairman of the 19th meeting of the States Parties to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, 1997, also National expert, the UN Human Rights Cooperation Program with Georgia (administered by Young Lawyers Association of Georgia).


Simon Takashvili

Invited Lecturer

Mr. Simon obtained his Bachelor and Master programs from Tbilisi state University, he is PhD Candidate at Tbilisi state University , he has 4 years of academic experience at Universities - Giving lectures to students in Arbitration Law,  Corporate Law, Business Law, Civil procedures Law, Labour law, from 2014 he holds  Senior associate at Law firm “J&T Consulting, he is trainer at Professional Development Academy, and he is  the  Head of the Private International Law Department at the Prince David Institute for Law.





Giorgi Zaalishvili

Associate Professor


Mr. Giorgi  obtained his Bachelor and Master Programs  from Tbilisi State University, he is  PhD Candidate of Tbilisi state University. He has 14 years of academic experience at Universities . Mr. Giorgi is an Associate Professor at International Black Sea University, Caucasus University and New Vision University, he is   Coordinator of MA Program Comparative Commercial Law, Head of Law Faculty Quality Assurance Service, he works as an Legal Adviser at Oriental Oil Corporation. He is an author more then 10 Publications (European Community Law and Private International Law; Nature of the Law of European Union )