Video Interview

According to the order (N90/n) of Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia, an international student who is enrolling at the Georgian University and would like to get a diploma without passing Uniform National Entrance/General Graduate Examinations, has to demonstrate his/her English language skills by passing video interview with the University representative. In addition, the university has to upload the above mentioned video on University's official web page. 
Below you can see videos of CU's international students who have successfully passed interviews:
Sakina Firoz Ali Dentist
 Meryem Karakadilar
 Erfan Ghalani
Zeyad Osama Ahmed Shetana
Mahmoudi Meymand Sadaf 

Shubham Sharma

Kashish Sharma. 
Nahid Hossain
lobhana Ramesh Ahale
Neda Gholipour
Hamed Faraji
Hasti Yousefifar
Ketevan Kvaratskhelia
Farhat Fakouri