CMS- Master’s Papers Defense

30 June 2018

On June 28, Master’s degree paper defense of Caucasus School of Medicine and Healthcare management students was held at the University. The commission was chaired by the dean of the school Mr. Vato Surguladze. Among the commission members and reviewers were: Giorgi Makharashvili, Tea Giorgadze, Maya Gonashvli, Rusudan Dalaqishvili, Devi Tabidze, Soso Mamukelashvili, Marina Shikhashvili, Eka Gegeshidze; the commission secretary – Nina Miruashvili.


All the papers were successfully defended.


The list of the students and the topics:


  • Anano Gabrichidze – Bankruptcy Risk Management at the Example of Healthcare Institutions
  • Nato Khadilashvili – Enhancement of Adolescent Healthcare in Tbilisi Primary Healthcare Network
  • Gvantsa Darjania – The Role of Primary Healthcare in the Management of Tbilisi Maternity Hospitals 
  • Qetevan Merabishvili – Capital Management at the Example of Georgian Public Healthcare Organizations
  • Nino Sigua – Quality System Management of Medical Service Provided for the Disabled in Tbilisi Clinics
  • Juna Beridze – Medical Healthcare Satisfaction Inquiry into the Emergency Service of the Program “Healthcare for All” in Tbilisi, at the Example of Public and Private Clinics