School Of Governance

Caucasus School of Governance was founded in 2009.

Student gain extensive knowledge and experience in preparing to be professional civil servants, international relation specialists and career diplomats. They enter the work force well versed in theoretical knowledge and equipped with practical skills.  Moreover, professionalism and ethics are stressed at each level in the public administration and international relation track. The goal is to graduate a generation of future Georgian leaders who are rooted in the highest values and standards of professional and academic excellence. 

Fulfilling these goals and objectives

  • Courses delivered by qualified teachers who are involved in academic processes both in Georgia and on an international level
  • Hold extracurricular activities, which will give students the opportunity to become acquainted and be in contact with practitioners that are involves in the public sector
  • given the opportunity to use theoretical knowledge in real life situations
  • Organize conferences, meeting, round tables and discussions in support of learning process
  • Conduct summer and winter school, thus giving additional experience opportunities to students

While at CU students will be provided with individual support from teachers and school administration:

  • Support in job searches and career development;
  • Assistance in making professional contacts and networking
  • Consultations for people want to study abroad or take part in exchange programs
  • All the above-mentioned create desired conditions for young people to grow professionally and get on a career path.