Project Submission

Rule for Submission of Grant Application General provisions


  1. This Rule regulates participating in the grant proposal contest on behalf of Caucasus University, the terms and conditions of a grant application submission process, as well as the circumstances in which a person is required to inform the University when submitting an individual grant.
  2. General issues related to the grant proposal submission not regulated by this document are regulated by Georgian law and Caucasus University internal normative documents.


Persons eligible to submit a grant application


  1. Initiation of a grant project on behalf of Caucasus University to be submitted to a local or international donor is permitted only after following the procedures set and obtaining appropriate consent;
  2. Eligible individuals to participate in the project or to apply for the grant are academic, scientific, invited academic staff and / or administrative staff members of Caucasus University, in exceptional cases, Caucasus University students, if the project objectives are in the best interest of University and justify their involvement in the project.


Authorized person to receive the application


  1. The grant application shall be submitted to the Caucasus University International Relations and Projects Department.
  2. The grant application shall be received electronically by e-mail at, as well as by submitting the original documents at the Caucasus University legal address: 1, Paata Saakadze St., Room B 25.
  3. Grant application to be submitted to Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation shall be submitted to Research Support Department.
  4. The grant application can be submitted electronically by e-mail:, as well as by submitting the original documents at the Caucasus University legal address: Tbilisi, Paata Saakadze N1, Room D 5.


Grant application deadline and terms of application


  1. The grant application shall be submitted one month before the project deadline. In the event of breaching this deadline, the University reserves the right not to accept and review the delayed grant application.
  2. The grant application shall include the following information:
  • Information about grant declaring body/institution, (Donor Organization) and conditions of participation;
  • Competition deadline
  • Project name and project duration
  • Short description of the project proposal
  • Total budget and share of Caucasus University budget
  • Co-financing (if applicable)
  • Overhead expense provided by the project budget
  • The application form in Annex N1 is attached to this Rule.


Application reviewing deadline and decision-making procedure


  1. Department of International Relations and Projects / Research Promotion Department of Caucasus University will review the application within 2 (two) weeks after receiving the proposal;
  2. If the grant application meets the requirements set in this rule, it will be reviewed and evaluated.
  3. The final decision, based on the recommendation of the International Relations and Projects/ Research Support Department, is made by the Director of the Caucasus University.
  4. The justified decision shall be notified to the email address indicated in the application within 3 (three) business days after the decision is made.
  5. In case of approval, after completing the project work, the applicant shall submit the final version of the project in accordance with article 2 (2) of this Rule to the International Relations and Projects/Research Support department.


Individual Grant Rule


  1. The person is obliged to report to Caucasus University International Relations and Projects/ Research Support Department on initiation of an individual grant project only if the person needs to submit an official document from the Caucasus University (confirmation, letter of support, etc.);
  2. In the event of a case specified in paragraph 1 of this Article, a person shall be obliged to provide information to the Caucasus University International Relations and Projects/Research support Department of in accordance with the procedure set in Article III, paragraph 2 of this Rule.


Annex N1 Grant proposal submission form.