Competition for University Entrants-Architectoni

9 January 2018

On February 24-25, at 12:00 PM Caucasus University holds a competition – Architencton - in which teams of students of the XI-XII grades can participate. Each team shall consist of no less than 3 students; more than one team can participate from one school; any team can consist of students from different schools.


The participants shall create a work on the topic – City of Knowledge; the form and type (a project, a prototype, a drawing, a picture) of the work produced will be decided by the students themselves. The participants will be provided with cartons, papers of various colors and sizes, wooden sticks, paints, pencils, glue, etc. The contest will last two days (4 hours a day). The work produced will be judged by a jury.


The winner teams will be awarded:


First place -15,000 GEL learning voucher.

Second place- 9,000 GEL learning voucher.

Third place – 6,000 learning voucher.


The members of the winning team will receive 1/3 of voucher each, which will cover their respective tuition fees during the four years of studying on Bachelor's Degree at Caucasus University. The vouchers can be used by the students enrolled in Caucasus University in 2018 or 2019.


Those wishing to participate in the competition must register online before February 20, including.