Contest for CSM bloggers

3 December 2018
  • If you’re an applicant and you like to write;
  • If you’re interested in blogging: writing artistic sketches or analytical articles.
  • If you want to receive a scholarship in the Caucasus School of Media thanks to your work;
  • If you want to attend master classes and learn more about the School of Media.


Fill out the registration form and send us your blog post about any of your desired subject.


The only condition is: the participant should be an applicant and should want to study in The Caucasus School of Media.


Activities and deadlines:


  • January 15, 21:00 - registration deadline;
  • January 19, for the master class participants; it will be led by the lecturer of literature of Caucasus School of Media, Mr.  Levan Berdzenishvili and blogger students: Keta bagashvili, Nata Gelashvili, Nano Chakvetadze;
  • 26 January, 21:00 – deadline to send us your blogs (Email:;
  • February 9, gathering of the participants and awarding the winners.


Prizes for winners:


I Place – Voucher for studying in the Caucasus School of Media - 1500 gel

II place - Voucher for studying in the Caucasus School of Media - 1000 gel

III place - Voucher for studying in the Caucasus School of Media - 500 gel


Standards for writing a blog:


You can only present prosier works of your desired style. Genre and style is free to choose (fantasy, adventure, detective etc.). Keep in mind that: if you choose to send us an analytic essay, review or any type of work of a specific style, you’ll need to follow the technical rules and clichés associated with them.


Pay attention to spelling, organized and understandable sentence structures, avoid using archaic, overcomplicated forms and pathetic as much as possible because the work has to be understandable.