ITU Representatives Visit Caucasus University

31 July 2018

On July 24, Caucasus University was visited by representatives of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) – the head of the Telecommunication Development Bureau, Projects and Knowledge Management Department, Dr. Cosmas Zavazava and the head of the Data and Statistical Bureau Dr. Rati Skhirtladze.


ITU is a UN sub-unit with the longest history managing the politics in the field of Telecommunications and IT, giving recommendations, establishing mandatory standards, managing the frequency spectrum in the world and carrying out other important activities in the field.


Having walked round the CU campus and exchanged relevant information with the hosts, Dr. Zavazava introduced the University representatives – Vice President of Caucasus University, Dr. Nugzar Skhirtladze, Dr. Guram Lezhava, Dr. Buba Lezhava and the Dean of Caucasus School of Technologies (CST) Mr. Shota Nizharadze and the CST Programs Director Ms. Natia Sulaberidze - to ITU general policy, its vision and opportunities in the field of education. In the case there is interest in Modern ICT (Information-Telecommunication Technologies) and other related fields, a regional learning center can be set up under the UN (ITU) auspices.


The guests answered the hosts’ questions and expressed readiness for continuing communication with the view of exchanging relevant information and reaching a decision.