Kakha Kaladze Meets Caucasus University Students

16 May 2018

On May 16, the Mayor of Tbilisi Mr. Kakha Kaladze met the CU students to speak about the challenges facing the capital city and their priorities; the guest answered questions of particular interest to the students.


The CU President Dr. Kakha Shengelia took the guest round the University building.


The Mayor was convinced the University campus and its infrastructure are fully equipped with up-to-date technologies and the students have all the opportunities of gaining education.


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the University management, which has given almost 4,000 students a chance of gaining education in such pleasant environment. I have been convinced the University is truly modern, meeting international standards, where all conditions are created to enable the students to work and learn in pleasant atmosphere.” – said the Mayor.


Together with Mr. Kaladze the University was visited by Vice-Mayor of Tbilisi, Ms. Maya Bitadze, the governor of Chughureti District Mr. Zurab Chikviladze and Tbilisi City Municipality majoritarian Ms. Rima Beradze.