Dr. Kakha Shengelia attended WAAC and WUC workshops in Dubrovnik

7 April 2018

On April 3-5, Dubrovnik, Croatia, the President of Caucasus University, Dr. Kakha Shengelia attended a workshop - "Democracy of Future - Challenges and Opportunities" organized by the World Academy of Arts and Science and the World University Consortium.  


At the three-day meeting, the issue was considered and discussed at different sessions and summed up at the capstone discussion. Among the event participants were presidents, vice presidents, professors, politicians, writers and representatives of business sector with whom the World University Consortium Board of Directors considered the future of democracy, its prospects and challenges. At the end of the event recommendations were issued.


On April 3, Dr. Kakha Shengelia addressed the attending audience with a report on "Challenges Confronting Democracy Today."


Dr. Kakha Shengelia has been a member of the World University Consortium Board of Directors since 2017.