Statement of Caucasus University

26 October 2020

Due to the high public interest, we would like to clarify that no case of infection was detected at Caucasus University.


At the initiative of Caucasus University, on October 22, the Labor Inspector of the Ministry of Health once again conducted a review of Caucasus University’s compliance with sanitary-epidemiological requirements, on the basis of which the university received a positive assessment.


We clarify that the examination process at Caucasus University is carried out in compliance with all regulations. If a case Covid-19 is confirmed, the university will act in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Health.


A student in quarantine or self-isolation will resume examinations later. Students have active and open communication with administration representatives, including Deans.


We note here that the exams will not be held on October 30, 31 and November 1.


Unconfirmed information is being spread in order to disrupt the current examination process at Caucasus University and damage the university's reputation.


Health and quality education is a priority for Caucasus University.