Distant meeting with British politician Claire Moody

18 May 2020
Caucasus School of Governance Jean Monnet professor Dr. Sergi Kapanadze hosted Ms. Clare Moody, who spoke with students from “EU institutions and Politics” and “Europeanization of Eastern and Central Europe” courses.
Clare Moody is a British politician and was the Member of the European Parliament from 2014-2019 for the South West England constituency up until Brexit, representing the Labour Party. Notably Ms. Moody was very active on issues related to Georgia, she was member of the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee, member of the foreign affairs committee and the co-chair of the Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, Guest speaker spoke with students about the role of European Parliament, the legislative process, its relations with EU institutions and relations between European family of parties.
Ms. Moody also touched on the issue of Brexit, the deeuropeanization of the Kingdom of the Great Britain and challenges associated with this as well as about the UK foreign policy role in the years to come.
At the end of the lecture Ms. Moody answered students’ questions about agricultural, immigration, labor law other expected changes after the Brexit, as well as questions related to EU-Georgia relations.