Scientific Conference "Current Issues in Healthcare Policy, Economics and Sociology"

27 December 2019

On December 25, the Scientific Conference "Current Issues in Healthcare Policy, Economics and Sociology" which was held in Caucasus University, was organized by Caucasus School of Medicine and Healthcare and Institute of Health Policy. Research papers were presented by the students of the course "Healthcare Economics" (Mr. Tengiz Verulava - course leader).


Abstracts presented at the conference have been published in the conference abstract collection, and the best papers will be published in the peer-reviewed journal "Current Issues in Healthcare Policy, Economics and Sociology."


The conference aims to support research in the fields of healthcare policy, economics and sociology, develop and raise the level of research, popularize scientific achievements, give specialists opportunities to express their opinions about the current processes, in the country and beyond, in the areas of healthcare policies, economy and sociology.


The following papers were presented at the conference:


  • Rosa Devnozashvili - Studying the Impact of Student Nutrition on Academic Performance
  • Giorgi Chkhaidze - Challenges of Universal Healthcare System
  • Giorgi Mikiashvili - Equality of Access to Medical Services in the Turkish Healthcare System
  • Bachana Angkhashvili, Sandro Angkhashvili - Reforms and Challenges of the Armenian Healthcare System
  • Tamar Pirtskhalaishvili - Knowledge of Family Physicians about Breastfeeding Practices
  • Mari Akhvlediani - Advances and Challenges of the Hepatitis C Elimination Program
  • Nino Gvritishvili - Clinical Research in Georgia
  • Teona Darchia - Importance and Availability of Rehabilitation Services for Persons with Disabilities up to the Age of 18 in Georgia
  • Irakli Gendzekhadze, Nika Narozashvili - Financial Availability of TB Treatment in Georgia
  • Ana Kabanashvili and Ani Museliani - Students' Knowledge and Attitude Towards Human Papilloma Virus and Vaccination
  • Monika Abuladze - Ukrainian Healthcare System Reforms
  • Ana Bibilashvili, Sopho Iliashvili - Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in Medical Organizations