Caucasus and Grenoble University was hosted Dual Master’s program

6 December 2014
2014 saw the intake of the eighth stream of students for both schools, and more that 20 students are now participating in the program.

The meeting was conducted by the Director of Graduate School of Business and Paata Brekashvili MBA programs directors of Caucasus School of Business. Students were introduced about the structure and composition of the programs during the meeting. They also discussed various upcoming academic activities. Some students also were provided information about teaching materials, and learning methodologies. In addition, students had the opportunity to learn by participating in grouplearning activities and working with program managers in an informal-setting.

The flow of international students from Europe, Asia and the South Caucasus from neighboring countries has increased this year by 20 percent. Outgoing students have the opportunity to part of specialization in a London and attend an annual personal development in Grenoble. After the successful completion of the program students will receive two academic degrees: Grenoble Graduate School of Business higher MBA degree and MBA International degree from CSB.

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