CSH Field Lecture

14 May 2019

On May 12, I, II, and III year students of the Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences conducted lectures in Gori district museums and historical monuments - Sergi Makalatia Gori Historical-Ethnographic Museum, Stalin Museum, Uplistsikhe Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve and St. Mary Atenis Sioni.


They touched on the history of various periods; the students were introduced to the archeological and ethnographic materials found in Gori; the social and religious aspects of one out of three caves in Georgia - Upliscikhe, the architecture of the VII-XI century religious monuments and the characteristics of Georgian monumental art. The project was led by Prof. Guranda Chelidze from Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences and an invited Lecturer Kakhaber Janelidze.