Lets Meet Europe. Europe is Our Choice

8 May 2019

On May 7, Mariam Sirabidze and Thatiya Sopiridze, third-year students of European Studies major of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences, were invited to N162 school by the Civic Education Club “Creative” and the Civic Education Program “Future Generation” to hold a lesson for the tenth graders in the framework of the European days on the topic: Let’s Meet Europe, Europe is My Choice.


The students spoke about history of Europe, the EU creation and enlargement, policies of neighboring countries, eastern partnership and Georgia-EU relations. The lesson was aimed at enhancing students’ awareness about European values, Georgia’s European choice and future perspectives of the country's development. The lesson was conducted by Nana Chkheidze, Head of Civic Education Club of N162 Public School with support of a Professor of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Head of European Studies Bachelor's Program, Ms. Guranda Chelidze.