Lecture on the Topic "European Eastern Partnership Initiative and Georgia"

10 May 2019

On June 10, in the framework of the 10th anniversary of Caucasus University’s Eastern Partnership and the Days of Europe, with the initiative of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Caucasus University will hold an open lecture on the topic - "The Eastern Partnership Initiative and Georgia".


The lecture was led by AA / DCFTA expert, chairman of "Europe Time” Association, Associate Professor of Caucasus University: Ekaterine Kardava.


The following issues were discussed at the lecture:


  1. The objectives of the Eastern Partnership - the ambitious project of the European Union
  2. Eastern Partnership Map and the Role of Eastern Partners in the EU Foreign and Security Policy
  3. Eastern Partnership Assistance Tools and Financing Policy
  4. The place and importance of Georgia in the Eastern Partnership initiative
  5. Association Agreements - Eastern Partnership product and the ambitious offer from the EU for Eastern Partners
  6. Partnership for mobility
  7. Georgia, AA / DCFTA and the EU
  8. The outlook of the Association Agreement on the development of Georgia-EU relations (Political association; trade-economic integration in the EU inner market; sustainable development; justice, execution and administration – real integration).