Strategic Communication Professionals

12 July 2017

On July 11, students of the CSM Strategic Communication Program defended their Master's papers. The Commission, comprising the field professionals and academic personnel, positively evaluated the Master's students’ works and emphasized that the researches echoed modern trends in the field. They stated most of the papers include the research which will be useful for the companies operating on the market and for those involved in politics.


Master's papers were defended by:


  • Tamuna Goderdzishvili - "The role of digital media technologies in strategic communication";
  • Ana Signifi - "Political PR in the Georgian Electoral Process";
  • Lana Darjania - "Social Network" Facebook "role in the formation of a politician image";
  • Gvantsa Phriiashvili - "Advertising Management";
  • Diana Komakhidze - "The role of strategic communiqués in the formation of hotel image";
  • Leona Shatirishvili - The role of social media in creating brand awareness on the example of Georgian tea brand - "Gurieli".