CSM’s media students trained with support of UNDP

15 February 2012
The project was designed for students and faculty members, entitled "Development of Media Monitoring Capacities in Georgia" and lasted for a period of 6 weeks.

The training was delivered by media company "Media Center Sarajevo". Various timely topics were discussed, including but not limited to: how to access information, freedom of information legislation, media law and the actual preparation of news. Participants not only listened to the lecturers of professional trainers, but they were provided the opportunity to be active in the various discussions, asking hard questions, and being involved in other organized activities.

A wide range of private and state supported schools and universities in Georgia took part in the UNDP supported training. The facility of the CSM suggested that its sophomore students to attend the workshops. CSM seeks to build on Western experience, meet international standards and provide the highest possible quality of education possible in Georgia.

Participants acquired professional skills, made new friends, and gained experience by working with foreign trainers. Those who successfully completed the program were awarded with certificates.