Mission, Vision, Values



The mission of Caucasus University is to prepare for local and international markets, through research-oriented teaching and learning, competitive, highly-qualified, morally-grounded professionals committed to the ideals of democracy and thus satisfy society’s educational needs and requirements.




The vision of Caucasus University  is to become an internationally recognized and ethically grounded university in the Caucasus region and beyond by creating the educational space where every stakeholder will achieve his/her maximum potential.


University Slogan


"Studium Pretium Libertatis”- knowledge is the guarantee of freedom.




All the professional activities of every administrative or academic personnel at Caucasus University are guided by the following values:


Spirit of Innovation – We strive to be continually innovative in knowledge creation and transfer in the way to be in line with the needs and demands of the society.


Diversity – We strive to create opportunities for local community to engage, understand and respect others whose perspectives, values, beliefs, traditions, and world views have been shaped by different experiences and backgrounds. Only by exploring issues with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints we will challenge assumptions and broaden understanding of the modern world.


Academic Freedom - We strive to create an environment where our faculty will be free in creating and transferring knowledge.


Proximity to the local and international community – We want to be partners with local and international communities in order to create and disseminate relevant knowledge in different dimensions.


Caring for development of the country – We strive to provide Georgian society with the knowledge which will enable it to carry out activities facilitating to the development of the country and increase its competitiveness.


Key Strategic Directions of Caucasus University


Three major strategic goals (directions) of Caucasus University have been identified for the next seven academic years (2020-21 - 2026-27):

  • Intensification of the scientific research and increase its relevance
  • Continuous improvement of teaching/learning quality
  • Internationalization