CSM Youth for Media Literacy – Third Training Session

24 March 2019

On January 24-26, in the frames of the Caucasus School of Media project “CSM Youth for Media Literacy”, Caucasus University held the third training session. The participants took a tour around the Caucasus University campus before the beginning of the training. They were met by Dr. Kahka Shengelia, the president of Caucasus University, and the Dean of CSM, Ms. Nino Jijilashvili who wished them good luck.


The project entails the training of 15-18 year olds, where they will learn how to become attentive users of the media: how to tell apart real information from fake news, how to check facts, how to be active and informed civilians; The participants will also develop skills necessary to convey news, skills for creating and managing their own online pages and skills of argumentatively speaking in front of the camera.


The project will be active for 6 months. Sessions will be held once a month and in total they will host 75 young people from all over Georgia. The third stream of participants were invited from Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Tkibuli, Atskuri and Tbilisi. The project is hosted by Caucasus School of Media and its Dean, Ms. Nino Jijilashvili. Trainers – Wide profile specialists in the field of media and communication – Ms. Sopho Kvintaradze and Ms. Salome Ugulava. Students of CSM are also involved in the project. Project donor – the U.S. State Department