Call for Research State Grants with Participation of Compatriots

1 August 2018

Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces 2018 Call for Research State Grants with Participation of Compatriots.


Title of the call: 


Call for Research State Grants with Participation of Compatriots


Call Abbreviation: 



Aim of the call:  


The call aims at strengthening ties between Georgian scientists and our successful compatriot working in the research universities and centers abroad. In addition, the call aims at supporting exchange of knowledge and experience, promoting development of scientific research at local research institutions in compliance with international standards, promoting cooperation between the local scientists and our compatriots working abroad and their return to Georgia by funding innovative research projects.  The call enables Georgian scientists be familiar with new information and modern technologies. The call also aims at developing scientific potential of young researchers and their integration into international scientific community.


Project type: 




Call Conditions:


 The project budget and duration is determined based of the scheme below:

The expenditure of requested sum from the foundation must meet the following requirements 


  • Funding of key personnel in case of young researchers’ engagement in the project should not exceed 15,000 GEL per year. Meanwhile, funding of experienced scientists should not exceed 30,000 GEL per year. Young scientist’s engagement in all reporting periods of the projects in compulsory.
  • Funding of key personnel in case there is no young researchers’ engagement in the project should not exceed 30,000 GEL per year.
  • Funding of supporting personnel should not exceed 5,000 GEL per year.
  • “Overhead Costs” should not exceed 7% of requested sum from the foundation.


Call administration calendar


  • July 17 & August 1, 2018 - group consultations;
  • August 10 - deadline for sending the questions electronically;
  • July 19 – August 14, 16:00 pm -dates for registration in the Grants Management Unified System (GMUS);
  • August 16, 16 pm - deadline for providing the application document at the SRNSFG office;
  • September October - eligibility check of the submitted projects;
  • October November - publish midterm results of the call;
  • November - December - evaluation of submitted projects by independent reviewers/group of reviewers;
  • December - publish results of the call;
  • December - sign the grant agreement.


Call Regulatory documentation:


Useful annexes and material:

  • Call conditions – annex 1
  • General information about the project – template, annex 2
  • Project proposal- annex 3 (GEO/ENG)
  • CV – template, annex 4
  • Project timeframe – template, annex 5 
  • Project budget and justification - template, annex 6 (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of Personal Commitment of PI/compatriot - annex 7 (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of co-funding commitment (if applicable) – annex 8 (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of support on providing access to research infrastructure (if applicable) – annex 9 (GEO/ENG)

Links to the Grants Management Unified System (will open on July 19)

Instruction of the online registration (link).



  • Please read Minister’s Decree, SRNSFG Director General’s decree, call conditions and other annexes carefully;
  • Only group consultations will be held;
  • Deadline for sending the questions electronically – August 10, at the e-mail address: Frequently asked questions will be published on the webpage.


Call coordinators:

Salome Sharashenidze

Megi Kartsivadze 2 200 220 (4017)

Ana Goguadze

Davit Chichua


Contact information -


Good Luck!